Wahoo Kickr Snap 142x12 Mountain/Road Disc Bike Adapter

Wahoo Kickr Snap 142x12 Mountain/Road Disc Bike Adapter

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The KICKR 142 Adapter is a conversion kit designed to enable mountain bikes of the 12x142mm size to be secured to the KICKR SNAP.

NOTE: The KICKR SNAP is not compatible with the through axle itself; instead, this adapter kit is used to secure the bike in place. This is for 12x142mm bikes only. Not compatible with 12x135, 12x150, or any other through axle system.

This product is shipped with the following

  • M12 x 1.75 Coarse Adapter
  • M12 x 1.5 Medium Adapter
  • M12 x 1.0 Fine Adapter
  • End cap


How to install the adapter

  1. Push open the quick release lever. This will loosen the skewer. Locate the cap at the opposite end of the skewer, and unscrew. Continue unscrewing the cap until it is completely detached from the skewer threads.
  2. Pull the skewer straight out by pulling on the quick release lever.
  3. Insert the appropriately sized adapter skewer into the wheel with the quick release lever facing the left side of the bicycle. Put the spring on with the smaller end aiming toward the wheel. Gently compress the spring with the cap, and slowly turn the cap just enough to get it attached without falling off. Put the wheel into the dropouts, and finish tightening the cap.

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