About Us

A Couple that loves to bring Creation to life

At Pro Cycle Bikes, we believe every cyclist deserves a bicycle that is tailored to ones needs, aspirations and body fit. We are a husband and wife team with a mission to ensure our customers are paired with the best possible bike solution to achieve their sporting and lifestyle goals. We work closely with our customers and our suppliers to provide dedicated and highly individualized service and a wide range of high quality products.

Mechanic Heng

Darren has spent a lifetime working on cars, motorbikes, trucks and boats and now dedicates his efforts on his greatest passion—bicycles. With years of engineering experience, he is able to get the best performance out of anything that passes through his hands, diagnosing issues mechanical or electronic. Every bike that comes for a servicing is carefully cleaned, inspected and tuned for maximum efficiency and reliability while new builds are curated using a semi-custom approach with the best and most stylish components to meet any budget. Darren’s commitment to quality and his integrity has won the trust of many friends and new customers who have utmost peace of mind when handing over their bike for his renowned first class service.

Handpicked Products

All our products are handpicked and internally tested to ensure they meet the Pro Cycle Bikes standard. We subject all our frames, wheels and components to real world riding and racing conditions and this personal review process gives us an intimate understanding of our products that allows us to make the best recommendations for our customers.

So come on down to Pro Cycle Bikes to see us in action. We’d love to get to know you and help make your riding dreams come true. Whether you are just starting out or a hardcore cyclist, we understand your every need. Our knowledge, passion and commitment to quality will help get the most out of your bike and keep you ahead of the pack.