Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 Clincher Road Tyre

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Winner of Tour de France and more

The Corsa has been the race-day choice of pros for years, and is now better than ever with 4C Graphene compound technology! The latest Corsa is an evolution of the brand, and brings multiple industry-first technologies to market. Starting with our supple yet durable 320 TPI Corespun-K reinforced casing, and adding a proprietary mix of 4 different Graphene compounds, the new Corsa achieves the holy grail of performance: speed, suppleness, durability, and reliability. Whether winning a Grand Tour, or a local crit, the Corsa family delivers world class performance.


From the Olympic games to the Grand Tours, Vittoria Graphene compounds are the choice of the Pros. No other performance compound formulation matches the combination of speed, control, and durability that Vittoria Graphene compounds deliver.The Graphene compound used in the center tread is formulated to minimize rolling resistance and punctures, while extending useful wear life. This compound resists heat build up, while still delivering Grand-Tour winning performance. 

The shoulder area uses two separate Graphene compounds; one at the base, and one at the surface. The base compound provides a stable foundation for cornering loads, while providing protection from slices in the tread. The surface compound is formulated to provide ultimate cornering confidence, in both wet and dry conditions. On models with 4C, a 4th Graphene compound is used on the area at the edge of the tread, for increased durability and abrasion resistance.

All Vittoria road tyres use graphene-enhanced compounds. Find the one that fits you best!

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