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The SQLab Innerbarends® are a new innovative evolution of the good old barends we know from the early days of mountain bikes, but with a never-before-seen safety aspect. Despite the different hand positions, the brake levers always remain in reach. The position somewhat resembles that of an aero bar. The Innerbarends® don’t weigh much and aren’t in the way, so just give them a try!

The Innerbarends® fit most bikes. They are mounted directly adjacent to and inwards of the grips. As most brake levers are long enough that for best brake performance one can and should mount them inboard of the shifter there is usually sufficient space between grips and shifter/brake lever for mounting the inner barends.

The Innerbarends® do not have a specific area of use. They are however ideal for the mountain bike: MTB racing, XC, marathon, trail riding, touring, all-mountain but also for Enduro where they provide a perfect riding position for recovery on transition stages. But also on normal bicycle handlebars of trekking bikes or city bikes, the Innerbarends® can be very useful.


Natural Hand Position

The SQlab Innerbarends® ensure a natural hand position.

Small and light 

The SQlab Innerbarends® 108 g the pair.

Perfect muscle relief

The perfect solution for relieving the strain on muscle groups in the arms, shoulders and back by changing the position of the arms on the bike, especially on long distances. 

Maximum speed

The aerodynamic, relaxed elbow position ensures maximum speed.

Technical Specifications


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