SQ Lab Grip 711 Tech & Trail 2.0

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Ergonomic grip for long distances! Perfect fit, cushioning and comfort for the mountainbike

VSF certified - Best ergonomics 

“The shape and size concept of SQlab offers an outstanding selection of different grips for every application. The ergonomic shape effectively supports the hands, the unusual grip edge provides "grip" and more secure. All models are available in three sizes, which differ in diameter, length and shape.” VSF

Angular and two-dimensional

Handlebars are round, and grips are also mostly round because it is simple.But fingers are anything but round: They easily slip on a round object and cannot hold on unlike, for instance, a flat table corner.


The Ergobar is a wave-shaped profile on the front and right side, which produces a flat, slightly angular grip bottom.

A perfect fit for angular, bent fingers.

Modell Size


(total in mm)


(measured at 1/3 of the total range)


(in g pair)

SQlab 711 S 134,8  98,0 128
SQlab 711
M 134,8 103,0 150
SQlab 711
L 134,8 112,0 186

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