Silca Sicuro Black Cerakote Titanium Bottle Cage

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Hand-made in the USA at our Indianapolis, IN headquarters using custom manufacturing processes and a state-of-the-art laser welder, the Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage is first of its kind in the bicycle industry. The Black Cerakote coating gives a coating that will not show wear even after 10,000 bottle insertion and removals.  It is non-abrasive and only 1 micron thick, so it will also leave no mark on your bottles.

For cyclist who does not compromise, wants the very best in bottle security, lightweight materials, and longevity with the black finish to match every paint scheme.


In our quest to create the ultimate bottle cage, we found ourselves completely fascinated by the look, feel, and durability of tubular titanium construction.  This combination of design characteristics produces a cage that has better retention on gravel and other harsh surfaces and has proven to be the superior design when mounted on the underside of the down tube, so common in adventure riding and touring.  While classic in appearance, this material, and its manufacturing is as complex and high-tech as it gets.

Cerakote is the world's leading high-performance ceramic coating for use in aerospace, military, and biomedical applications.  At only 1 micron thick, Cerakote high-performance ceramic coating increases abrasion resistance by more than 100 times while increasing corrosion resistance more than 1000 times over traditional metal finishes and paint coatings.  Cerakote even improves fatigue resistance by eliminating the possibility of surface scratching or notching which can lead to stress cracking over time.  


  • Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing
  • Black Cerakote coating
  • Color will not chip, scratch, or fade
  • Extended adjustment mounting - up to 21mm fore/aft
  • Weight - 32 grams
  • SILCA Shield Warranty included covering your cage for 25 years!
  • Please note: bolts are not included.

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