Pirelli P ZERO SmarTUBE 35g 700x23/32c

Pirelli P ZERO SmarTUBE 35g 700x23/32c

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P ZERO SmarTUBE is the most advanced inner tube in our range. It was designed to match the need for lightness and handling of professional World Tour riders and its first application was inside the P ZERO Race Tub SL. It is now also available for every amateur cyclist. The standard butyl inner tube has been replaced with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), an advanced plastic material characterized by elasticity and mechanical strength. The result is an inner tube that can be up to 70% lighter, up to 50% more compact and as resistant against punctures as an equivalent tube made of butyl P ZERO SmarTUBE is the ultimate evolution for the cyclists that are still using the standard clincher setup and want to improve the performance of their bikes as well as those who are looking for a light and compact spare tube for tubeless-ready tyres Compatible with disc and rim brakes Presta valve, black.


Our engineers revolutionized tubular tyres pushed by the requests of professional World Tour riders leading to the lightest tubular tyre we have ever produced. The same technology is now available for those cyclists who don't accept compromises.

The replacement of butyl with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) gives the P ZERO SmarTUBE its unique features, a technical innovation that redefines the concept of inner tubes, both for everyday use and as a spare tube.


The weight of the P ZERO SmarTUBE is a wonderful benefit, difficult to even imagine until a few years ago. Compared to an equivalent butyl inner tube, the P ZERO SmarTUBE can save up to 70% of weight.


Size Weight Valve
Valve colour Material
23/32-622, 60mm valve 35g Presta Black TPU Disc and rim brakes

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