Minoura Vertical Bicycle Rack DS-2200, Black

Minoura Vertical Bicycle Rack DS-2200, Black

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  • Stores bike in 2 different orientations vertically and horizontally
  • Vertical orientation is great for longer storage and saves valuable space
  • Horizontal orientation is good for grab-and-go for frequent riders
  • Tire cradle and top hook are fully adjustable for a variety of wheels and tires
  • Top hook is padded to avoid scratches
  • Available size is 16 inch like Mini-velo to 29 inch


SKU 420-5200-00
Wheel size 16" – 29"
  (Maximum inner tire width is 80 mm)
Material Steel
Weight 3.5 kgs
Warranty 1 year


Setup Dimensions

W 550 x D 700 x H 1,290 x 80 mm (inner tire width)  


Things to Note

  • If your bike has fenders, some bikes cannot be mounted horizontally.
  • Not for use with tandems, city cycle and E-bikes.
  • Tire width is maximum 80mm so it does not work for bikes like Fat Bikes.
  • Do not ride your bike when in the stand.
  • Set up on a flat floor.
  • Do not hang your bike from the back wheel in the vertical position.
  • Be sure to adjust your bike correctly.
  • Support pillar can be adjusted for height depending on the length of bike's wheel base.


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