Minoura Bike Tower 15

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  • Holds two (up to four with optional cradles) bikes and can be set up in a room, house or shop
  • The main pillar is made of lightweight and durable alloy tubing
  • Adjustable height between 1.7-3.1m
  • Top rubber cup contains a strong spring for secure installation
  • Metal ring reinforced pillar joint
  • Mini-velo or kids bike also available

Cautions / About set up

  • Select flat floor and no obstacle items around area

  • Check durability of the ceiling, not to be installed on drywall without support 

Cautions / How to hook a bike 

  • Change the angle of cradle hook for fit bike frame

  • You may need to hook between the handlebar and seat post when use Mini-velo or kids bike

  • Do not use outdoors or in direct sunlight

SKU 420-2056-01
MSRP USD 139.99
Color Black
Material Alloy
Weight 3 kgs
Pillar height
1,700 mm – 3,100 mm
Pillar diameter
40 mm (upper) / 45 mm (bottom)
Warranty 1 year

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