Lezyne Y8 Road Caddy Black

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Compact saddle bag designed for the road minimalist. Large Velcro strap tucks caddy securely below saddle. Durable woven nylon construction. Easy access, extra-wide clamshell opening. Equipped with internal sub-pocket. Reflective logos and loop increases night visibility. Water resistant zipper with large pull loop.

WEIGHT:   70g
DIMENSIONS: 80x40x115mm
CARGO:  0.4L

04.23.2017 - SOC17: Lezyne teases light duty bikepacking bags, more colors for pumps and tools - Bikerumor

"Built at medium sizes, [Lezyne’s bikepacking bags are] perfect for long day or one way trips, commuting or very light bike packing."


11.04.2014 - Road.cc Reviews the Road Caddy

"Saddle bags come in many shapes, sizes and mounting styles, but this Road Caddy from Lezyne is pleasingly simple and is just big enough for the essentials so it sits very tidily on your road bike."

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