KMC X11EL Chain 11 Speed 118L (Extra Light)

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KMC X11EL Chain 11 Speed Chain


One Chain for All|100% Compatibility On All Leading Derailleur Systems

Asymmetrical Chamfering Avoids Interference

Added Chamfering for Smooth Operation

Impeccable Precision|Phenomenal Shifting Performance

Includes a MissingLink

Size: 1/2" X 11/128"
Pin Length: 5.65 mm
Weight per 110 links: 234 g
Length: 118 Links

Features & Benefits

Extra Light  |  Extra Light

High Rigidity                                                     
High Rigidity        |   Quick response and higher efficiency 
Highest Pin Power  
High Pin Power    |   Unsurpassed riveting geometry
Mud Shedding Design 
Triple X Durability  |   Triple SP exceptional Durability
Double ”X” Bridge Shape
Double "X" Bridge  |   Precise gear shifting
Outer Plate Chamfering                                         
Outer Plate Chamfering  |  Accurate shifting
Inner Plate Chamfering
 Inner Plate Chamfering  |  Expeditious shifting

Size: 1/2"x11/128" 

Compatibility: SHIMANO, SRAM and all other12 speed drivetrains | 1x11, 2x11, 3x11

Weight: 256g

Suitable For:

Down Hill, Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Cyclo-Cross

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