KMC DLC112 126L 12 speed Chain Super Light, Black

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DLC Series Pro Racing Chain


Ultra-Smooth Control Beyond Imagination|Harmonize Your Drivetrain

Smooth Surface 10X = Smooth Control|Diamond-Hard Surface 300% Hardness 

Premium Lightweight Technology |Patented Configuration

Each link weighs a mere 2.08 grams

Visual Impact|DLC Technology - Unique Outlook with Supreme Functionality

Exceptional Performance|Transfer Pedaling Energy with the Highest Efficiency

The strongest and most efficient chain on the market is perfectly designed for an outstanding riding experience.

Size: 1/2"x11/128" 

Compatibility: SHIMANO, SRAM and all other12 speed drivetrains | 1x12

Weight: 227g

Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) Tech

KMC DLC Chain has enhanced resistance to wear and friction. Less friction is a central facet to drivetrain efficiency which allows for smoother shifting and chain interaction with all drivetrain parts.

Hollow Tech

The lightest structure for better performance, mud shedding, and pedaling efficientcy.

XX-Bridge and Optimal Chamfering Design

One of the best bicycle chain, the DLC chain ensures the best shifting performance 100% compatibility and non-directional installation.

Diamond Durability

Similar to the creation of diamonds in high temperatures, the KMC DLC chain attains sophisticated chain toller and pin hardness through a unique thermal treatment to create advance "diamond" durability for elevating friction resistance.

Hydraulic Riveting

Creating the highest pin power to prevail against heavy loads and stressed shifting conditions.

High Alloy Steel Material

Made from a special alloy steel composition, the KMC DLC Chain series reduces chain elongation, thus prolonging drivetrain life. 

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