CeramicSpeed OSPW RS 5-Spoke for Shimano 9250/8150 - NEW

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Product Description

With our OSPW RS for Shimano Road groupsets, we're lifting the OSPW into the future with a distinctly modern and angular design. The updated design brings balance and refinement to the OSPW System allowing it to blend seamlessly into the contemporary design trends of bikes and groupsets - making up the whole of which the OSPW System is part.
With an added level of customization (multiple Logo and Pulley Wheel options) combined with new innovative tech features the OSPW RS meets consumer demands for personal expression and premium ride experience.
The OSPW RS is a statement for where we've been, and where we're going - always at the forefront.

New design: improved quality and strength
The new design for the OSPW RS isn't solely a visual update. The cage itself has been reinforced to offer new levels of strength and durability.

In the box:
Complete OSPW RS System for Shimano 9250/8150 

Discipline: Road and Tri
SKU: 113486
Net weight: 85.0 g
Gross Weight: 285 g
Pulley Material: Aluminium
Derailleur Brand: Shimano
Derailleur Model: Dura Ace RD-9250 and Ultegra RD-8150

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