Sqlab 611 Ergowave Fabio Wimber

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Size matters!

A prerequisite for a perfect fit.
 Available widths: 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 cm

Sleek rear

The raised back section provides more rearward support and ensures efficient power transmission.

Low saddle nose

The level and lowered saddle nose applies less pressure to the sensitive areas of men and women alike.


The slight dip in the center of the saddle reduces pressure to the sensitive tissue areas of the perineum. 

Low and flat 

The flat saddle nose has a slight curvature which provides maximum contact area providing and associated reduced pressure.


Saving Energy

The wave shaped ERGOWAVE® profile which contours from the rear to the front offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sitbones. All energy is available for propulsion.

Maximum stability

The S-Tube struts have been reinforced again for Fabio Wibmer in order to hold safely even with big impacts.

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