Bike Fit

Bike Fit / Cleats Fitting


  • Road Bike Fit $170
  • Road Bike Fit + Cleats Fitting $250
  • TT Bike Fit $220
  • TT Bike Fit + Cleats Fitting $300
    *Additional components, fitting parts used during the fit will be charged separately.

Operation Hours:

Monday – Friday: 11am to 7pm ( 6pm last booking )

Saturday: 12pm to 5:30pm ( 4pm last booking )

Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

why you should have a Bike Fit

The whole aim of our Bike Fitting at Pro Cycle Bikes is to help you experience the joys and beauty of cycling. We want to make sure you never have to stop cycling due to pain or discomfort that can normally be addressed with a proper bike fitting. A good bike fit can also help prevent overuse injuries that result from an improper position. The correct position varies from person to person, depending on factors like age, riding style, flexibility and sometimes pass injuries.

If you are a competitive cyclist, our approach of the bike fit would be rather different. Our main goal besides comfort would be to position you at the right position on top your pedals to generate the best power transfer and to put you at the right position to be as aerodynamic as possible without sacrificing too much on comfort.

So when you come to us, we will check your riding goals and where you want to be in your riding journey, a leisure cyclist or competitive racer. This will help us better understand how we should fit you.


Read more about  F.I.S.T Protocol





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