Zipp Tangente Speed TL Clincher RT25 700x25C

Zipp Tangente Speed TL Clincher RT25 700x25C


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After Zipp turned their attention to producing tubeless wheelsets, they focused on producing tubeless tires that would be the performance equivalent or better of their Tangente road tires. The Tangente Speed RT25 and RT28 Tubeless road tires are the realization of that drive. The RT in the name stands for Road Tubeless.

They work with their proven road tread pattern and 60 SHA durometer rubber from the Tangente Speed tires and their 1217TPI nylon casing. The bead is changed to the tubeless shape; the tire is lined with butyl rubber for an airtight seal. There’s a Polyamide puncture protection layer under the tread.

This is a low rolling-resistance high grip tire that is good for racing, and, thanks to the puncture protection belt and tubeless goo, will do fine for training and on rough roads.

If you’re running these tires with Zipp rims, you shouldn’t need tire levers for installation or removal. But if you do, base your choices on your rim manufacturer’s suggestions.

The Zipp Tangente Speed RT25 weighs 292g, with a maximum pressure of 110psi. The Zipp Tangente Speed RT28 weighs 302g, and a max pressure of 100psi.


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