Argon 18 E117 Frameset Rim- XS only


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A tri bike for the devoted, self-empowered triathlete.

E117 is fast and comfortable triathlon bike is designed to meet the needs of all triathletes - young or old, experienced or novice. Moreover, thanks to its proven aerodynamics and triathlon-specific geometry, the E-117 Tri will help you rise to your every challenge and overcome any and every obstacle in your path.

For those who are ready to join this rare breed of triathletes, the E-117 is your launch pad. The E-117 is the perfect entry-level bike for those in serious training, and with serious sights on a half Ironman™. Get out there. Join the club. Push yourself to the limits and discover a stronger, faster you.

A truly remarkable bike at your service, no matter the level of competition. Your perfect ally to take on any race.


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