ParkTool Master Link Pliers MLP-1.2


Many modern derailleur chains use a “master link” (also known as a “quick link” or “power link”) that allows the chain to be installed and removed without driving out a rivet. MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers make removal and replacement of these master links quick and effortless. Simply insert the specially sized jaws into the master link. Then squeeze the handles to open or pull the handles to close the link. Compatible with 5-to-12-speed derailleur chains that use a master link, including SRAM AXS and Shimano XTR 12-speed. Also compatible with Campagnolo 13-speed chain.

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NOTE: The MLP-1.2 does not work on traditional 2 and 3-piece master links (shown in the images) commonly found on single speed or 3-speed bicycles that use a single rear sprocket. These style of master links have the two pins attached on one side plate and use a side plate that clips on or a side plate and a spring clip to hold the opposite plate on. To remove this type of master link, use a needle nose pliers to slide the spring clip off, remove the outer plate and then remove the side with the two pins or remove the single side plate.

Many bicycle derailleur chains use a “master link” to separate the chain during removal and to join the chain during installation. MLP-1.2 Master Link Pliers make removal and installation of these master links quick and easy. Removal Instructions Remove tension from chain. Insert tips of MLP-1.2 into master link. Squeeze handles just until link is separated (Figure 1).Installation Instructions Assemble chain and master link. Insert tips of MLP-1.2 into master link. Pull handles apart just until link is locked into position (Figure 2).Note: Some manufacturers require the side plates of the master link to be lightly squeezed throughout the removal and installation process (Figure 3).Additionally, some master links can be reused multiple times, while others are “one time use” links. Always consult the manufacturer for information and instructions specific to your chain and master link.