Minoura DS-532-600L, 29er display stand


  • Keeps rear wheel off the ground.
  • Hook height and angle is infinitely adjustable.
  • Works with small wheel bikes up to 29’er MTB
  • The stand and alloy pillar are foldable and locks for compact storage.

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  • Maximum: Standard 29inch MTB tire
  • 25mm stay tube diameter
  • For standard bicycles with conventional frames only.
  • Do not ride your bicycle while in the stand.
Silver anodized / Silver paint
1.1 kgs
  • Not recommended for 29-inch full suspension MTB.
  • Hook clamp may need periodic tightening.
  • Please adjust according to the instruction manual.
  • Depending on the rear hub width and the stay design, your bike may sit at a slight angle. This is normal and not a defect.