MET Rivale – Full Black


The aerodynamic shape of MET’s Rivale Helmet delivers an exceptional low drag performance, saving 3 watts of effort at 50 km/h. The vents have been strategically positioned to utilize the Venturi effect, thus allowing maximum air intake by pulling the air through the helmet to the rear exhaust vents. The superb performance of MET’s Rivale Helmet tips the scales at a lightweight 230 grams.

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With a NACA crown duct, we harnessed the power of the Venturi effect, another Italian engineering marvel, to push warm air through specially placed exhausts, ensuring the most efficient airflow through the helmet.


Outer shell construction In-Mould
Inner shell Shock absorbing polystyrene
Chin strap buckle Anti-pinch buckle
Straps and Divider Air lite straps. Anti-slip cam divider
Fit system Safe-T Advanced
Comfort Coolmax anti-allergenic interior pads. Hand washable
Be seen Reflective rear sticker
Compatibility MET USB LED light device

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