Battaglin Power+ Steel Frameset, Carbon Fork

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The Officina Battaglin Power+ Just Might Be the Best All-Around Steel Bike.

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Power+ is a modern frameset built to be assembled into a road race machine featuring the latest equipment. If you can’t give up on fast pedaling, with the Power+ you’ll benefit from great handling and responsiveness, the kind of feeling you look for when you choose to ride steel. The distinctive paint scheme is a contemporary version of a best-selling Battaglin from the late 90s that endorsed the Refin pro team.

Oversize tubing
The Power+ is built from the latest Columbus Spirit HSS triple butted tubeset. Steel may have abdicated as the material of choice for the majority of cyclists, but Columbus has never stopped being the first contributor to innovation in its field.

Featuring oversized tube profiles, the Spirit HSS are the first step towards a lightweight steel frame which lends itself to racy aesthetics.

Fillet-brazed construction
The Power+ is built using fillet-brazed construction.

Fillet-brazing is art. It’s the most sophisticated way to build a steel bicycle frame. After carefully mitering the ends of the tubes on a precision machine to make sure the fit is perfect, the frame builder melts a filler metal in the gap between the two pieces at a temperature below steel’s melting point. Getting sculpted joints as those you can see in photos requires a lot of hard work and years of practice.

Carbon monocoque fork
To save grams on the frameset without compromising stiffness, the Power+ features a carbon monocoque fork. The fork is one of the most important parts of the bike for control, so it’s crucial to ensure strength and lateral rigidity.

Top features
Fillet –brazed steel frame

Columbus Spirit HSS tubeset

Carbon tapered fork

Tapered head tube 1”1/8 1”1/2

English BB

Head parts and seat collar included