720 Armour Stingray – Matte White Engraved Patterns Polarized Smoke

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Stingray cruises comfortably between two winners in the 720 Wave Series, Shark, and Kenting. Bold but not flamboyant, Stingray is all about performance and features packed into an affordable package. The first feature you’ll notice is the dual venting system on the sturdy frames and recessed Polarized lenses to keep you cool, promote airflow, and prevent forging.

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The comfortable nose cushion requires no adjustment and keeps your Stingrays afloat if they happen to go for a dip, but the removable head strap ( in cord options) should do the trick to keep them on your head or around your neck. And whether you ride the waves on a board, skis, or a boat, Stingray’s anti-fog polycarbonate polarized lenses cut glare and improve contrast for the clearest vision on water.

SIZE: Length      Width     Height
(mm)      135          132         40