Ceramicspeed UFO Drip New Formula 180ml


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Ceramicspeed UFO DRIP

This new and improved formula of the CeramicSpeed UFO Drip Chain Coating is even faster and longer lasting than the first formula.

 The chain coating is developed to support all disciplines and is based on a non-toxic, non-flammable and bio-degradable formula. For wet conditions, the chain must be dried following the ride and a fresh coating of UFO Drip applied to ensure the best protection and continuing optimization

 180ml / 6oz bottle contents

Up to 300 km. per coating

Up to 35 coatings per bottle

Over 15% faster than previous formula

Increased temperature stability - apply between 5-35oC / 41-95oF


What temperature can I apply UFO Drip?

5-35 °C / 41 - 95 degrees Fahrenheit

What temperature is safe to store UFO Drip?

5-30 °C / 41 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit

Can UFO Drip be used in all riding conditions?

Yes, UFO Drip was developed to provide maximum performance and cleanliness across all riding disciplines and weather conditions. For rides that encounter wet conditions or rain, the chain must be dried following the ride with a fresh coating of UFO Drip applied to ensure the best protection and continuing optimization.

 Storage is stated 10-30°C on the bottle. Can it go lower or higher?

Stress tests below 5°C and above 35°C have been performed. At these temperatures, the viscosity can become quite thick and it becomes necessary to shake well to make the UFO Drip flow again. The first cm may still be thicker and this is OK to apply to the chain as the functionality is still present. In extreme cases it may be necessary to clear the cap with a needle.

Can I apply UFO Drip onto a factory UFO Chain?

UFO Drip is perfect for re-lubing the UFO-chain. Use it the same way as re-coating: Always shake the bottle well before each use - event if it feels liquid. Clean the surface of the UFO-chain gently with a dry cloth. Apply 5-7 ml over the cassette, rotating the chain slowly backwards. Make sure the full length of the chain is coated two times. Let it dry minimum 8 hours for best results & clean performance.

 Why do you recommend to wait overnight after applying UFO Drip? How long do I need to wait?

The wax particles in the lube work best when they are dry and merged together as a solid wax . In the bottle the particles are dissolved in water and the water needs to evaporate before the wax particles can merge together as a solid wax coating. Additionally, allowing the wax to fully dry prevents dirt, grime, or road dust to contaminate the wax or create a dirty chain.

What is the clicking sound inside the bottle when shaking?

UFO Drip is unique as it is made initially with dry wax powder in order to achieve the least friction of all lubes. If not disturbed for many days, or after big temperature variations, the viscosity will be thicker. To efficiently reconstitute the formula, a bolt is included inside the bottle, ensuring even mixing and returning UFO Drip to a liquid/thinner viscosity.

The first cm UFOD out of the cap is thick?

If not disturbed for many days, or after big temperature variations, a small amount of wax can congeal in the nozzle. This is normal and OK to apply onto the chain where it will disperse across the links.

Can I fly with UFO Drip?


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